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Providing animal talent for all your requirements  

Family pets, Police type dogs, Birds, Reptiles, Fish, Farm Yard,
Wolf Dogs, Battle Horses plus much more!

Helping you find the perfect animal whether it's a Background appearance, Specialised stunt & tricks or a Leading role. Our animals are thoroughly prepared for each performance & trained with kindness.

We also aim to always source animals from rescue/ adoption situations where suitable

Please call or send us an email with information on the type of animal and action you are looking for 
- All our animals are much loved pets first - 


Danielle Scott is a master horse trainer & behaviourist. Specialising in Training, Stunt Riding, Tricks & Liberty (horses working at freedom)

Whether you need a fearless battle horse, a miniature pony or even a unicorn - Scottish Animal Actors can provide you will all kinds of horses, ponies, riders, props & costumes. We have kits for Medieval, Viking, Fantasy, Period & Modern plus many more. If you have a specific design in mind we can also make any item Prop/ Costume item required! (please check out our 'Props' section)

We take pride in ensuring all animals & prop items are historically accurate to add to the authenticity of performances. 



A wide range of breeds & sizes of horses. From fearless battle horses to miniature ponies, Trick and stunt trained performance horses and even unicorns. 



Our riders & handlers are highly experienced, we can provide action doubles, stunt riders, featured & supporting artists for all looks & skills 


From Medieval & Viking armour to fantasy or the wild west. We have a wide variety of Tack, Props & costume pieces for our animals.

We can also make items to your requirements.

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