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Scottish Animal Actors provides animal talent to films, television, live events, photoshoots and commercials. Based in North Ayrshire and formed in 2020 by Horsemaster, Danielle Scott. (scroll for more info)


We can cast, source and train to your request. We also pride ourselves on historical accuracy when it comes to our animals and their roles, helping you find the perfect animal for your requirements.

Everything from police type dogs to reptiles, family pets to battle horses plus many more!

Offering advice and guidance on all kinds of animal filming & activities, whether the animal is needed for background, specialised stunts or a leading role. We can also provide Props & Costumes!

Risk assessments & quotes are provided on an individual basis depending on your requirement.

All animals come with their own handlers.


Scottish Animal Actors offer:


  • Full Risk Assessments

  • Licensed transport of animals for commercial use

  • Public Liability Insurance Cover

  • Performing Animals License  

  • Knowledgable & Experienced Handler/ Trainer

  • Vet Checks 

  • Props, Equipment & Costumes


Danielle Scott

Danielle is a multitalented master horsewoman with over 20 years experience in riding and training horses, specialising as an equestrian performer with further experience in showjumping, showing & dressage whilst taking on the role of Horsemaster for productions/ events and forming Scottish Animal Actors.

Her displays include 'Liberty' (horses working freely without a rider, tack or ropes);  Trick training; Jousting; Mounted Combat; Roman Riding and Cossack Trick Riding.

Her skills and experience in the equestrian community gained her recognition to become an instructor where she also helps other horse owners with behavioural and problem solving situations.

Alongside Horsemanship, Danielle's career in the Film Industry began as an accomplished Assistant Director. With many professional credits on HETV & Feature Films including: Star Wars, Andor, Peaky Blinders, Fast & Furious plus more!

With another string to her bow; Danielle is also a Prop Making graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland - making many of the costumes seen on our animal talent, stuffed stand-ins, puppets and even animatronics.  

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